Shakespeare lived in a ghastly time full of plagues that would eradicate mass groups of people and prejudice of social classes in relation to the king and queen. However, despite the lampoons written about how acting and play writing were so 'wrong' he continued producing plays that are still put on to this day. He would not fabricate his plays, they were all personal and his own. He believe that out of bilking, gambling, drinking, and seeing a play, going to see a play would cause the least decadence. His plays were tragedies, they were all about demises. During this time, the plays were located in a court yard with possible surrounding granaries. Also, the roofs of stages were always open and would take place during the day because there were no lamps to emit light due to the fact that there was no electricity. There was no scenery either, so the actors would never impede on the next scene. And because there were no decorations or costumes, it was all based on dialogue, which may have seemed more like a sermon to some. The more wealthy and narcissistic goers would sit in the balcony, while poorer ones would stand in the front in dirt called the pit. The actors may have had qualms before going on stage because the choleric citizens in front would throw things if they did not enjoy the play, which would cause very aghastly, shameful actors.