Anticipatory Research Power Points 2014

9 Easy Steps to Attacking Sonnets

**Recitation of Sonnet 130 by Alan Rickman**

Juliet's plan with Friar Lawrence

Transferred Items:
1. English I CP Course Outline (lavender cover page/packet)
2. Clinton Public Schools K-12 Foundation Skills and Competencies (blue handout)
3. Proper Essay Format (beige handout)
4. Proper format for Block Quotes (white handout)
5. Chapter 20A: Works Cited MLA (yellow cover page/packet)
6. Become a member of our class Wiki (pink directions and/or username & password)
7. 5: Mythological and Archetypal Approaches (white packet)
8. Lord Byron: Vocabulary lists (lavender packet)
9. ALL vocabulary work: illustrations, exercises, sentences, Pretests, Tests - Organized by lesson # 1-4
10. Start Work from Unit Portfolio #1
11. CAPT #3 Response: "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (graded responses with drafts)
12. "The Flowers" character analysis OR quote analysis (graded response with drafts)
15. "The Circuit" short story (white packet)
16. CAPT #1 & #3 Responses (graded responses with answer organizers)
15. "Farewell to Violet" CAPT short story and responses (graded)
16. "Rough Touch" CAPT responses (1-4)
13. Theme paper: "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird" (graded response with graphic organizer and drafts)
14. Unit Portfolio #1 Evaluation (graded)
15. Unit Portfolio #2 Evaluation (graded)
16. Mitch's Unit Evaluation (student copy)
17. Chapter 2: Character Trait Analysis (graded response)
18. Chapter 4: "Write" (graded response)
19. Of Mice and Men Start Work - Free Write about the quote (handout)
20. "Wheel of Oppression" handout (with two slices completed)
21. Final Essay Assignment Sheet (white handout)
22. Working-Thesis statements (notebook paper)
23. Typed Introduction(s)
24. Rough Draft
25. Final Draft (graded with rubric attached)
26. Photo Analysis (handout)
27. Town Poem: Assignment sheet (w/ poem & graded rubric)
28. TKM Chapter 15 Typed Response: Scout's role outside the jail
29. Midterm Exam Essay (Essay Questions, Essay...graded with rubric)
30. Midterm Exam Revision Analysis (Graded)
31. TKM Final Essay Assignment sheet, working thesis, and outline
32. TKM Final Essay (Rough Draft & Final Draft)

Romeo & Juliet

1. "One Day at the Globe" packet (graded)
2. Shakespearean Theater Notes (666-667)
3. Shakespearean Theater Notes Quiz (graded)
4. 8 Steps to Attaching Sonnets
5. Sonnet #18 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day/"
6. Sonnet #116 "Let me not to the marriage of true minds/"
7. Sonnet #130 "My Mistress' Eyes are Nothing like the Sun/"
8. Post-it Class Notes and graded Quiz
9. Illustration of Queen MAB
10. Act I Figurative Language (worksheet/handout)
11. Act I TEST
12. Act 2, Scene ii Moderning Language (Balcony Scene, handout)
13. Act 2, Scene iii Study Guide questions (packet/handout)
14. Act 2, Scenes v-vi Reading Quiz (graded)
15. Act 2 TEST
16. Act 3, Scene i Reading Quiz (handout)
17. Act 3 packet (April Break packet/homework)
18. Act 3 TEST
19. Act 4, Scenes i-ii Reading Quiz (handout)
20. Act 4, Scene iii Quiz about Juliet's doubts and fears
21. Act 4 TEST
22. Act 5, Scenes i Quote Analysis (handout)
23. Act 5, Scene ii Reading Quiz (notebook paper)
24. Final Reading Quiz on various terms learned this unit (handout)
25. Final Project/Soundtrack Project Assignment Sheet (handout)
26. Final Project/Soundtrack Project Essay (graded)