Courage Reflection Response

TKM Final Essay: Essential Questions

Final Essay pre-writing activity for essay's introduction

Portfolio #2 - The Novel Unit continued...

Novel Unit Portfolio #2 CHECKLIST
NOTE - ALL handouts and work listed below MUST be placed in your binder in the FOLLOWING ORDER:

Transferred Items from Portfolio 1 (Short Story Unit) and Of Mice and Men:

Transferred Items from Portfolio 1 (Short Story Unit)
1. English I CP Course Syllabus Packet (packet)
2. Goal Setting handout
3. Proofreading Checklist handout
4. "Find the Errors" Pretest I and II
5. Grammar Quizzes (some students will have multiple quizzes b/c of retakes)
6. Proper Paragraph Structure (pink handout)
7. Graphic organizer for proper paragraph structure (boxes)
8. Grade 9 Reading Comprehension Inventory (white packet followed by articles)
9. Lord Byron: Vocabulary lists (pink packet)
10. ALL vocabulary work: illustrations, exercises, sentences, Pretests, Tests - Organized by lesson #
11. Short story Unit Cover Page (white handout)
12. Elements of Short Stories Packet...complete with class notes
13. Quote Analysis Essay on "The Flowers" - Drafts 1 through the final draft w/ graded rubrics
14. "Unpack the Quote" assignment sheet for "The Lottery"
15. Quote Analysis essay - multiple drafts w/ graded rubrics
16. Theme OR symbolism essay on "Blues Ain't No Mockin bird" (multiple drafts w/ graded rubrics)
17. Short Story Unit Test
18. "Lamb to the Slaughter" Unit Test on active-reading skills
19. "Lamb to the Slaughter" essay with attached writing rubric
20. Unit 1 Reflection/Evaluation

Of Mice and Men
1. The Novel Unit Cover Page
2. Anticipation Guide (handout)
3. Migrant Workers Web Quest
4. "The Circuit" short story demonstrating active-reading skills (white packet)
5. Double-Entry Journal Notes handout
6. "The Circuit" Symbolism and Significance handout
7. "The Circuit" symbolism essay with attached rubrics
8. Anticipation Research: Intellectual Disabilities assignment sheet
9. Intellectual Disabilities Listening Chart with notes
10. "To a Mouse" poem by Robert Burns
11. Excerpt from Chapter 1 conversation/dialogue between Lennie and George with notes
12. Of Mice and Men Study Guide packet (w/ answers)
13. Character Notes after reading Chapter 2
14. Power Play class discussion notes
15. "Thou Shall Not Kill" handout
16. Chapter 6 Final Reflection: Did George make the right decision?
17. Of Mice and Men Final Test

To Kill a Mockingbird
1. Town Poem packet (with graded poem)
2. Midterm Exam: Part I - Identification of short story elements
3. Midterm Exam: Part II - "Farewell to Violet" short story demonstrating active-reading notes with attached responses and reflections
4. To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 1-3 Packet
5. Maycomb County class notes packet
6. TKM Chapters 4-6 Vocabulary & Reading Questions handout (w/ answers)
7. TKM Chapters 4-5 Quest
8. TKM Chapters 7-8 Vocabulary & Reading Questions handout (w/ answers)
9. TKM Chapters 9-11 Reading Questions handout (w/ answers)
10. Chapters 9-11: One-page quote analysis & reflection (half a page/handout)
11. Chapters 9-11 Quote analysis (graded response)
12. TKM Chapters 9-11 class notes copied (packet)
14. TKM Part I TEST (graded)
15. To Kill a Mockingbird Part II Packet
16. Chapter 15 Courage Reflection/response (graded)
17. Chapters 19-20 Reading Quiz (small slip of paper/graded)
18. Final Reading Quiz (Vocab. slip of paper/graded)
19. To Kill a Mockingbird Final TEST
20. To Kill a Mockingbird Essential Questions (Essay Options)
21. TKM Final Essay packet:Introduction/thesis statement handout, notes/outlines, drafts, peer revision, final draft w/ graded rubrics