Baylen Shanley
Mrs. DelGrego

“And the summer was over.” In the quote it is right after she stumbled upon the dead person’s body. In the beginning of the story Myop was skipping and joyful and it said “Myop laid down her flowers” which is a sign of respect. The seasons are symbols in the story. Summer represents youth, growth and innocence. Summer is childhood for Myop and when it says the summer was over it means Myop “changed” or went to adulthood. This is important because she laid down her flowers for him. It could’ve been her dad because it never talks about him only Myop’s mom. It could have been a random person though. He could have been a victim of the Civil War and been left there in the woods. It could be after the Civil War because it was a time of racism and slavery. A clue is the sharecropper. They were around in the late 1800s. Still even if she didn’t know the person it is still a sign of maturity. This is very important because if she did something like run and scream she would be acting childish. Or she could’ve played soccer with the head which would be extremely immature. She let out a little yelp of surprise, surveyed the body and picked up some flowers then laid them by the body. This reveals that Myop is kind, mature girl. In the end when it says the summer was over it means that Myop has gone into adulthood and changed.